Powder Coating Companies in Virginia

Powder Coating Companies in Virginia

Virginia ranks well economically for its land mass and population, listed as the 18th best economy in the U.S. due to a consistently low unemployment rate and a high average weekly wage. The most profitable crop in the state is currently tomatoes, with soy following closely behind. The Blue Ridge Mountains and Northern Neck regions are also home to a number of busy wineries. A recent export deal with the United Kingdom has led to the expedited growth and presence of the wine sector. Agriculture is the leading industry, accounting for more than $50 billion in economic impact annually.

Technology plays a major role in the state's infrastructure and economic growth. According to the American Electronics Association (AEA), computer chips are the highest-grossing export ahead of coal and tobacco. The “Mother of States” is also home to more technology workers than any other state. At the center of its manufacturing industry is the burgeoning nanotechnology sector based in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, which accounts for more than $1 billion in manufactured goods annually. The ongoing need for construction and business/community services makes Virginia an ideal location for powder coating companies, hence the presence of several dozen providers in the state.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Virginia

ASCo- American Stripping Co.
9205 Vassau Ct. Manassas, VA 20111

Chesapeake COATING,INC.
3741 Commerce Drive, Ste. 314-316 Baltimore, MD 21227

2601A Trade Street Chesapeake, VA 23323