Powder Coating Companies in South Carolina

Powder Coating Companies in South Carolina

As other states lost jobs during the Great Recession, South Carolina gained them. Approximately 1,200 enterprises expanded or grew. The most significant five industries in the state include:

  1. Aerospace-Aviation: South Carolina’s 100-plus aerospace and related businesses employ at least 16,000 people. Boeing expanded in South Carolina and established a second assembly line for the 787 Dreamliner, citing South Carolina’s “top-notch” infrastructure, skilled workforce, and business-friendly climate.
  2. Automotive Manufacturing: South Carolina ranks third in the U.S. according to automotive manufacturing facilities. It’s home to at least 250 automotive and related companies. With the number of automotive manufacturing facilities, plants, suppliers, and others, South Carolina’s strong infrastructure and skilled workforce continue to draw interest from automotive companies around the world.
  3. Biotechnology/Life Sciences: South Carolina’s expanding life sciences and biotech industries cluster is composed of more than 600 life science research & development and manufacturing companies. The cluster employs about 15,000 people in the state. Charleston has at least 38 pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers as well as 50-plus R&D and development businesses. South Carolina’s three research universities and major health care providers work in partnership with business in South Carolina. The state cites the alignment of critical support systems necessary to ramp up biotech, biomedical, and life sciences businesses as a factor in attracting new firms.
  4. Transportation: South Carolina is the seventh-largest U.S. container port in the Port of Charleston. The state’s five large airports and the area’s proximity to Atlanta and Charlotte (less than one hour away by air) add to the attractiveness of its business climate.
  5. Recycling: South Carolina is a growing recycling business hub. More than 500 recycling businesses transform, broker, and collect recovered materials to make new products. These businesses employ more than 38,000 in South Carolina.

South Carolina’s industrial powder coating, batch powder coating, short-run powder coating, and metal powder coating businesses serve local, state, and regional businesses in the aviation, aeronautics, manufacturing, automotive, biomedical, medical devices, life sciences, biotech, pharmaceutical, transportation, recycling, and other sectors.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in South Carolina

Carolina FabCoat, LLC
262 Carolina Drive Ext. Roebuck, SC 29376

Calder Powder Coating
3301 Corporation Way Darlington, SC 29532

C&M PowderCoat
25 A Grant Park Place Piedmont, SC 29673