Powder Coating Companies in Pennsylvania

Powder Coating Companies in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s economy is comprised of revenues generated from agriculture, manufacturing, financial services, mining, and services:

  • Pennsylvania’s Gross State Product of about $700 bn ranks it sixth in the United States.
  • In comparison with global economies, Pennsylvania ranks number 18 in the world.
  • Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton,
    Allentown/Easton/Bethlehem are the state’s top manufacturing centers.
  • Much of Pennsylvania is rural.
  • The state is headquarters to many corporations in the Fortune 500, including U.S. Steel, H.J. Heinz, GE Transportation Services. and PPG Industries. It’s a leader in the insurance and financial services industries.
  • The largest employers in Pennsylvania are the University of Pennsylvania and WalMart.

Pennsylvania’s Top Industries

  1. Financial Services: Bank of North America, part of Wells Fargo, was the first nationally-chartered U.S. Bank. PNC Financial Services is the largest bank in Pennsylvania and ranked sixth in the U.S.
  2. Agriculture: Pennsylvania is ranked number 19 in the U.S. for agricultural production. It is ranked number 1 in mushroom production, number two in apple production, number three in layer chickens and Christmas trees, number four in horse production, nursey-sod, corn (silage), grapes, and milk, and number eight in wineries. More than 67,000 Pennsylvanians are employed in food manufacturing.
  3. Manufacturing: Pennsylvania’s manufacturers produce prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals, chemicals (e.g. paints, synthetic resins, and petrochemicals), processed foods (e.g. beer, cookies, crackers, potato chips, ice cream, canned mushrooms, prepared meats, and pretzels), and computer and electronic equipment.
  4. Mining: Pennsylvania remains one of the country’s top coal-producing states. It’s the only state that mines anthracite coal. Limestone, natural gas, sand, gravel, and petroleum are also mined in Pennsylvania.
  5. Services: Personal services, such as hotels, engineering/law/accounting firms, real estate groups, private health care, and professional sports franchises; and wholesale trade (in autos, industrial machinery, coal, petroleum, etc.) comprise the services sector in Pennsylvania.
  6. Gambling: This growing industry was legalized in 2004. Today, there are 12 casinos across Pennsylvania. The state imposes high net taxes on net gambling revenues.

Industrial powder coating services, batch powder coatings, short-run powder coatings, metal powder coating services, and custom powder coating providers serve Pennsylvania and the Atlantic-Great Lakes regions. Powder coating businesses in Pennsylvania serve the aerospace, residential, architectural, military, telecom, electronics, automotive, medical, marine, mining, construction equipment, and manufacturing industries.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Pennsylvania

Applied Powder & Coatings, Inc.
942 Valley Brook Rd. Boothwyn, PA 190

Bonehead Performance, Inc.
1836 Stout Drive, Unit 18 & 19 Warminster, PA 18974

ZRZ Powder Coating
420 Station Road Quakertown, PA 18951