Powder Coating Companies in Ohio

Powder Coating Companies in Ohio

Ohio’s economy is comprised of manufacturing, transportation-trade, business services, government, health-education, other services, finance-insurance, and agriculture-mining-construction-utilities employers:

  • Manufacturing is the largest economic sector based on GDP. Approximately half of Ohio’s manufacturing output is durable goods.
  • It leads the nation in rubber, plastics, electrical equipment, appliances, and plastics. It’s one of the nation’s leading producers of steel, trucks, and autos.
  • Two of Ohio’s most significant manufacturing industries, fabricated metal and transport equipment, are identified with many national brand firms, e.g. Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Whirlpool, Chrysler, Timken, Honda, ArcelorMittal, and AK Steel.
  • About 744,000 self-employed businesses and 183,000 employers comprise the Ohio economy. Only 3,700 businesses employ more than 500 people.
  • Large employers represent 52 percent of the non-farm workforce in the private sector.
  • Cleveland Clinic, Ohio’s largest employer in the private sector, employs more than 48,000 people.
  • Small businesses with at least one worker make up 20 percent of Ohio businesses and employ almost half of the Ohio workforce. Self-employed firms account for about 78 percent of businesses.
  • Major financial services employers include Fifth Third Bancorp, JP Morgan Chase, Huntington Bancshares, and Keycorp.
  • Major retail brands, including Procter & Gamble, Sherwin-Williams, and L Brands have Ohio headquarters.

Ohio Economic Statistics

  • Ohio businesses export to more than 210 countries across the globe. Ohio accounts for less than four percent of U.S. exports (Ohio exports accounted for about $49 billion in 2016).
  • Ohio ranks number seven in state economies and number four in manufacturing GDP.
  • Ohio’s unemployment rate is higher than the U.S. national average (about 5.0 percent vs. 4.4 percent in 2017).
  • Ohio employment is projected to climb 8.3 percent through 2022, an approximate increase of 450,000 jobs.
  • State per capita income in Ohio was approximately $44,900. Moody’s Analytics projects personal income will increase about 6 percent in 2018.

Service-producing economic sectors account for approximately 80 percent of Ohio’s GDP. Forecasters say the sector is the driver for almost all job growth through 2022.

Ohio’s powder coating businesses serve the automotive, machine parts, construction, electrical, OEM applications, medical, agriculture, appliance, and oil and gas industries. Many of the powder coating businesses in northern and southern Ohio offer custom services and small to large runs.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Ohio

40259 Banks Road Grafton, OH 44044

1122 Jacoby Road Copley, OH 43215

Erie Powder Coating Technology
227 Hathaway Street East Girard, PA 16417