Powder Coating Companies in New York

Powder Coating Companies in New York

New York state is third-largest economy and trails only California and Texas. If compared to global economies, New York would rank 15-16th in the world. New York City is the major metropolitan center.

It’s the largest urban economy in the United States, a leading job hub for communications, banking and finance in the country. New York is also primary shipping port, manufacturing center, and technology sector.

New York’s primary industries include:

  • Financial services: New York’s financial services industry is often equated with Manhattan-located Wall Street. The New York Stock Exchange, founded in the early 19th century, remains one of the most important securities exchanges on the planet. New York’s financial services industry is concentrated in New York City: approximately 90 percent of investments, securities, and commodities jobs located there. More than 300,000 financial services professionals work in New York.
  • Health Care: New York’s population of approximately 20 million means there’s a high demand for healthcare providers and services. New York’s Department of Labor says that health care and social assistance employees rank first in the state. High growth continues in the sector.
  • Professional-Technical Services: Almost 700,000 people work in professional or technical services in New York. This field includes professional groups, such as accountants, marketers, attorneys, mechanics, and others. This professional group is sensitive to economic conditions.
  • Retail: New York’s retail trade includes many subindustries, e.g. auto, food-beverage, electronics, clothing, and other retailers. New York’s retailers (and marketing advisers) continue to establish major trends throughout the country. New York State’s Retail Council reports more than 800,000 employees at 75,000+ retail businesses.
  • Manufacturing: New York continues to manufacture a wide variety of goods and exports to other U.S. states and foreign nations. New York manufactures software, computer products, video games, mobile devices, and others. However, between 1997 – 2013, New York state lost more than 125,000 manufacturing jobs.

Powder coating businesses are located throughout New York. Industrial powder coating and custom services to a variety of sectors, e.g. electrical, OEM applications, automotive, marine, ATVs, lawn mowers, telecom, agriculture, medical, office furniture, transportation, oil and gas, and appliance industries are located throughout the state.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in New York

Ever-nu Metal Products
471 20th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215

Trojan Powder Coating
2215 Union Blvd. Bay Shore, NY 11706

Machri Industries, Ltd
Brooklyn, NY 11220