Powder Coating Companies in New Jersey

Powder Coating Companies in New Jersey

New Jersey has a robust manufacturing sector. The state continues about 15 thousand factories. New Jersey is the most prominent chemical producing state in the US. Around a sixth of all pharmaceutical products in the US are produced here. The state’s manufacturing sector had an output of about $108 billion according to US Census Bureau data from 2012.

The biopharmaceuticals manufacturing industry makes a considerable contribution to wages in the state. It is estimated that almost $14.8 billion was paid to salaries according to data from 2012. Most of its workforce is highly educated; nearly two-thirds of its employees have a bachelor’s degree and above.

Regarding employment, the chemical manufacturing sector employs about 37 percent of all employees in the manufacturing industry. Fabricated metal parts making contributes about 17 percent while machinery production employs about 10 percent of all works in the manufacturing sector. The state’s technology-manufacturing sector is also doing quite well. The entire technology sector in New Jersey employs about 353 thousand people.

The powder coating sector in New Jersey is quite robust. It is in part because the state is so strategically located. Thus, it can serve other nearby states with a less developed manufacturing industry.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in New Jersey

Applied Powder & Coatings, Inc.
942 Valley Brook Rd. Boothwyn, PA 19061

General Plastics Corp.
55 La France Ave. Bloomfield, NJ 07003

PCM Company
1431 Ferry Ave. Camden, NJ 08104