Powder Coating Companies in Nevada

Powder Coating Companies in Nevada

Nevada faces a major shortage of water and arable land. However, that has not hampered economic development. It is blessed with a wide array of minerals, which have helped to spur economic growth.

The US Census Bureau data shows that the state’ manufacturing sector is small but diversified. The data from the US Census Bureau showed that the state had 13 manufacturing subsectors in 2004. The total value of all products shipped from the state stood at $9.5 billion.

Of that, miscellaneous manufacturing took the most significant share at $1.7 billion. The food-manufacturing sector came in a close second at $1.2 billion. The non-metallic minerals sector contributed $1 billion while fabricated metal manufacture contributed about $847 million.

In 2004, the manufacturing sector of Nevada employed around 43 thousand people. Of this, 28 thousand were workers on the factory floors. Most of the workers were employed in the miscellaneous manufacturing sector at 8 thousand. Other industries that made a considerable contribution to employment were the fabricated metal sector at 5 thousand and the nonmetallic mineral production sector at around 4 thousand employees.

Regarding wages, the manufacturing sector paid about $1.8 billion in Nevada. Most of these wages were paid by the diverse manufacturing sector, which paid about $446 million in payments.

The powder coatings sector in Nevada is small, but clients can expect to get quality services and products.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Nevada

Allitizer, Inc.
28 Industrial Parkway Carson City, NV 89706

RHI Powder, Inc.
3500 Arrowhead Drive Carson City, NV 89706

Powder Coating & More
2930 Elizabeth Parkway Fallon, NV 89406