Powder Coating Companies in Nebraska

Powder Coating Companies in Nebraska

Nebraska’s economy has traditionally been reliant on agriculture. However, it has been attempting to industrialise its economy in recent years. It has been successful in large part because of deposits of coal and oil in the west of the state.

According to data for the US Census Bureau form 2004, the manufacturing sector covers 15 subsectors. The worth of all products manufactured in the state stands at about $34 billion. Of that, the food industry makes the biggest contribution at $29 billion. Coming in a close second was the machinery making sector at $2 billion and the transportation equipment sector at $2 billion. The chemical manufacturing sector contributed $1.9 billion while miscellaneous manufacturing provided $1.6 billion.
According to data from 2004, the state’s manufacturing sector employed around 99 thousand people. Out of those, about 76 thousand people were actual workers of the factory floor. Regarding subsectors, the food industry took the most significant share of 36 thousand employees. Machinery manufacturing came in a close second at 8 thousand employees.

Other industries that made a considerable contribution to employment were transportation equipment making at about 7 thousand, plastic and rubber products manufacture at 5 thousand, and miscellaneous manufacturing at 5 thousand employees. The state’s manufacturing sector is small but growing. Today its largest manufacturing area is the Omaha metropolitan area.

Nebraska’s powder coatings sector is also small but growing.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Nebraska

Feeney Manufacturing, Inc.
3551 County Rd F. Tekamah , NE 68061

Chief Powder Coating
1119 South Adams Street Grand Island, NE 68803

CrossLinc Custom Coatings, LLC
4630 Hartley Street, Suite 1 Lincoln, NE 68504