Powder Coating Companies in Mississippi

Powder Coating Companies in Mississippi

The US Census Bureau data released in 2004 indicated that the manufacturing sector in the state covers 19 subsectors. The value of manufactured products from the state was about $43 billion. The transportation equipment-manufacturing sector was the largest of them, accounting for about $7 billion. Other significant contributors were the food manufacture sector at about $5 billion, chemical production at about $4 billion and furniture products at about $3 billion.

The manufacturing sector created around 169 thousand jobs in 2004. Of that figure, about 134 thousand people were actual workers on the production floor. Most of the workers were employed in the food sector, which accounted for approximately 28 thousand employees. The furniture industry was the second biggest one, accounting for nearly 26 thousand employees. Other sectors that made a significant contribution to jobs creation were transportation equipment production at around 35 thousand workers, the wood industry at approximately 11 thousand, and the fabricated metal parts sector at about 11 thousand workers.

Regarding wages, the manufacturing sector paid about $5 billion. The transportation sector accounted for the most significant payout with around $1 billion being paid to workers.

The powder coating sector in the state is quite well developed. It has continued to grow aided by the stated huge manufacturing industry.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Mississippi

Rick’s Powder Coating
3487 Democrat Road Memphis, TN 38118

Mississippi Powder Coating
1907 North Main Street Columbia, MS 39429

Industrial Powder Coating
Gulfport, MS 39501