Powder Coating Companies in Maryland

Powder Coating Companies in Maryland

Currently, Maryland’s households are the wealthiest in the nation -- and the state’s economy is impressively diversified between agricultural pursuits, manufacturing, tourism and an extensive professional and executive workforce.

Maryland’s proximity to Washington, D.C. has a significant impact on the region’s revenue sectors, as the state is awash with satellite government offices and federal command stations. A whopping 25% of the workforce is white collar. Defense and aerospace companies, in addition to an active medical research scene, also round out the state’s unique employment demographics.

Agricultural industries compromise a healthy chunk of the state’s economy. The Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic seacoast regions support commercial fishing outfits that mainly catch blue crabs, striped bass and oysters. Dairy products, cucumbers, sweet corn, watermelons, squash and peas are also big crops for Maryland. And in the western part of the state, you can still find tobacco fields.

On the manufacturing end of things, Maryland is an exceptionally diversified state; no industrial production sub-sector represents more than 19% of output. Factories in the region churn out electronics products, computer equipment, chemicals and metals.

Speaking of metals, way back in the day, Maryland was home to the east coast gold rush, but the supply was small, and the movement petered out early on. These days, however, a tiny mining sector continues to occupy the western part of the state, but they don’t mine precious metals.

The Baltimore Port is a significant part of Maryland’s industrial ecosystem. Not only is it the number one auto-port in the country, but it is a hub for raw materials, bulk commodities, iron ore, sugar, petroleum and fertilizers.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Maryland

ASCo- American Stripping Co.
9205 Vassau Ct. Manassas, VA 20111

Powder Coat Finishes
4401 Eastern Ave., Bldg. 49A Baltimore, MD 21224

High Tech Powder Coating
7806 Old National Pike Boonsboro, MD 21713