Powder Coating Companies in Maine

Powder Coating Companies in Maine

Tucked in the bucolic northeastern corner of the country, Maine is a breathtaking state with healthy manufacturing and agricultural industries.

Regarding crops: Farmers in the state concentrate on dairy, poultry, cattle, apples, maple syrup and sugar. Maine also holds the distinction of being the nation’s #1 producer of low-bush blueberries. Off the shore, lobstering and groundfishing, though in decline over the past several decades, still contribute a respectable amount to the state’s economy.

Lumber products, paper and cardboard, electronic equipment, leather products, food processing, textiles and biotechnology are Maine’s primary manufacturing sectors. It’s also one of the few states that still maintain a thriving shipbuilding niche. Maine also has a nascent-but-growing powder coating sector.

Due to the region’s springs and aquifers, Maine is also a leader in the bottled water industry.

And like many states in the northeast, Maine depends on tourism for a chunk of its gross domestic product. Pleasure seekers come to the area for skiing, snowmobiling, deer and moose hunting, sport fishing, boating, camping and hiking.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Maine

TB Applied Finishes
78 Regional Drive Concord, NH 03301

Performance Product Painting
63 Omni Circle Auburn, ME 04211-1165

Mid-Coast Powder Coating
79 Waterville Road Belfast, ME 04915