Powder Coating Companies in Kentucky

Powder Coating Companies in Kentucky

When the Union was in its early days, Kentucky’s farming conditions proved ideal, and the region quickly rose as an agricultural hub. In fact, Kentucky is home to American’s first commercial winery. When the Industrial Revolution hit, Kentucky was prime mining territory, and “King Coal” represented a massive piece of the state’s gross domestic product. These days, coal jobs are in decline, but the state continues to foster a robust agricultural sector, plus it’s a haven for the horsey set and a substantial manufacturing market.

How did Kentucky become an equestrian oasis? A natural happenstance, the Bluegrass Region’s calcium-rich soil is fantastic for horse breeding. Today, the area remains a center for breeders, trainers, tracks and equine-adjacent businesses.

In addition to its horse-related endeavors, the Bluegrass State’s economy is dependent on other animal industries, most notably goat farming and cattle production. Kentucky is ranked fifth, nationally, for the former and 8th in the latter.

A vice-producing den, the tobacco industry maintains a significant presence in Kentucky. Moreover, 95% of the world’s bourbon whiskey is made in the state. Fun Fact: There are more aging barrels of whiskey in Kentucky than there are residents.

If you drive a Toyota Camry -- the most popular car in the United States -- or a Ford F-Series -- the most popular truck in the United States, there’s a higher than average chance that workers in Kentucky made your ride. The state ranks 4th in the country for automobile assembly.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Kentucky

Armstrong Powder Coating
468 East Office Street Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Copperhead Customs, Inc.
307 East Breckinridge Street Louisville, KY 40203

D.G. Industires
1270 S. Preston Hwy. Shepherdsville, KY 40165