Powder Coating Companies in Georgia

Powder Coating Companies in Georgia

Georgia has a middle-ranking economy that usually falls somewhere between the top 20-30 states in the nation in terms of GDP and other factors. Agriculturally, the state is known for being the leading producer of peanuts and pecans, as well as one of the top suppliers of eggs and young chickens. The second-highest ranking crop is cotton, followed by corn, tobacco, and soybeans. Manufacturing is strong in The Peach State, accounting for about 12% of the total output, placing it slightly ahead of neighboring states at about $50 billion annually.

The biggest manufacturing sectors are those related to processed foods and beverages, with several large corporations like Coca-Cola having headquarters in the state. Georgia is the nation's leading producer of clay as well as one of the leading producers of granite and other stones used for building. Like most other states, the economy is largely based around service industries, more specifically wholesale transportation equipment, food, and petroleum products, as well as retail – restaurants, car dealerships, grocery stores, etc. Business and personal services rank second and are led by hospitality venues and repair shops. Most of the powder coating service providers are based around Atlanta, Macon, Columbus, and Savannah.

Top 3 Powder Coaters in Georgia

Millers Powder Coating
4251B Wayside Court Lilburn, GA 30047

Environmental Coatings, Inc.
1060 Nine North Drive Alpharetta, GA 30201-3383

Southern Aluminum Finishing
1581 Huber St NW Atlanta, GA 30318-3725